My philosophy


Best tools

In my opinion, technological choices are the foundation of an IT project. Good choices lead to optimal quality, productivity and resiliency.



Automatic processes enable engineers to focus on most added value tasks and reduces the risk of erros. Then the focus is on delivering business value.



Observability is essential in order to be proactive over eventual incidents and to watch over performances, thus reaching user satisfaction.

My solutions

"My website is slow"

Have you ever put figures on this phenomenon ? I setup metrics that enable to spot where the problem is and fix it.

"I cannot use the public cloud"

Hosting sensitive data should not be a blocker for you. I show you how to setup a high quality on-premise infrastructure with minimal operational cost and risk.

"How useful is my website ?"

I can setup an analytics tool that helps you understanding users behavior in a GDPR compliant manner.




Nous vous remercions pour le travail effectué par Etienne qui a mis le projet sur de bons rails pendant l’année et demi où il a été présent.

Christophe Leborgne - Société Générale


Nous avons connu Monsieur Delmotte comme un collaborateur engagé, précis, calme et serviable. Il s'est indentifié et investi dans toutes les tâches qui li étaient confiées.

Herbert Schlup - Swatch Group Services

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